Product Card Widget

The product card widget is used on product pages to inform if a delivery with porterbuddy is available to a customer's postcode.


Add the configuration and script tag anywhere in HEAD or BODY

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<script async src=""></script>

The async attribute is optional, but recommended for better performance

Configure the widget to show the "availability" view by defining the global variable "window.porterbuddy" in a script tag. If window.porterbuddy is not defined when the script loads it will delay execution for up to 10 seconds until it finds the configuration

window.porterbuddy = {
  token: 'y3wt37LqBsiLo62Jkx284XEdi4LzdX6pihZFwqYX',
  view: 'availability',
  language: 'NO',
  discount: 10000

Note: Price is changed for demo purposes by configuring a discount.

Add a DIV in BODY with the id porterbuddy-widget where you want the widget to appear on the page

<div id="porterbuddy-widget"></div>

By default the widget is displayed without border or padding, but this can be added by setting data-border:

<div id="porterbuddy-widget" data-border></div>