Shopify: Order handling options

The Porterbuddy integration for Shopify has several features to make handling Porterbuddy orders in Shopify easier. After a Shopify order with Porterbuddy delivery chosen as shipping option. These features include

  • Storing the Porterbuddy order id on the Shopify order as additional info
  • Tagging Shopify orders to be shipped with Porterbuddy to allow filtering/sorting in the shop admin view


To get access to these features, the Porterbuddy Shopify App needs the permission to write / update Shopify orders. As this permissions was not requested before September 23rd, 2020, these feature might not yet be active in your installation. If you cannot see a section "Order Handling" in the bottom of the app configuration page, you have to re-authenticate the app to allow the updated permissions. To do this, please use the installation link on this page with your Shopify shop domain again. This will update the permissions for the app, but keep the existing configuration.

Porterbuddy Order IDs

If the permission to write orders is present, this feature will always be active. Every time a Shopify order with Porterbuddy delivery is created, the Porterbuddy order id will be stored on the Shopify order as additional info.

Shopify: Display Porterbuddy-order-id

Tagging Orders with Porterbuddy Delivery

You can configure a tag that will be added to all orders with Porterbuddy delivery selected after creating the order object in Porterbuddy's systems. To add a tag, specify the value to be added in the appropriate section of the app configuration page, and click "Configure Delivery" to save the updated configuration. If you want to disable writing a tag, delete the current value from the input field and save that, this will stop writing tags to new orders.

Shopify: Configure writing tags for Porterbuddy orders